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 [Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo

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MessageSujet: [Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo   Mer 1 Aoû - 10:35

Salutation à tous,

Le livre X est prévu pour fin août et beaucoup de contenu 40+ est prévu voici une liste de choses prévues qui ne sont pas forcement vraies mais qui viennent des devchats
3 instances niveau 50
Refonte du Chasseur
Refonte du Capitaine
Nerf d'Helegrod
Le livre X en lui même (forcement )
La zone d'Helegrod dropera maintenant le set épique pour toutes les classes.

Quelques screens :
Une vidéo de l'E3 :

et pour finir plein d'infos venant d'un gars du testserver (à prendre ptet avec des rèserves)


Jewelers can now make EARINGS and BRACELETS!
Crafted goods had their stats changed and the crafted source items look different -- leathers being quite noticable
Many requirements have been lowered - for instance, Beryls dropped from 3 per polished to 2 type changes.
Crafting tools have gotten a rework -- durablity has been lowered but the toughness has been raised from brittle to normal.
Crit successes on tools makes the durability go up from 45 to 60 so they not only give improved performance
It appears that morale has been increased pretty much across the board on crafted and non-crafted items. You'll find a lot of gear with 90 morale on it now. Also the DPS on many weapons has gone up so you'll hit harder with the weapons.

Monster Play

MP Kinships - It's now possible to open Monster Player Kinships!
MP Surnames - Now you can have a surname and do the Adopt stuff etc.
Trolls are Badass for lack of a better term, 2 trolls killed the 2 Avengers with the CG at Lug and got the CG down by 30k before we died. Thats impressive, my Troll took 8 Sigs with 20k life left, And we completly destroy freeps with 2k crits on AoE.

Captain Changes

Changes to Current Skills
Muster Courage : +20.0% Fear Resistance,Duration: 30s (Used to give +50.0% Fear Resistance)
Words of Courage: Heals 325 Damage initially, Heals 61 Morale every 3 seconds for 12 seconds, Cost: 143 Morale,Cost: 124 Power, Cooldown: 3s (Now heals instantly, but costs Morale to heal and has a 3 second cooldown)
Escape From Darkness (with Legendary Trait) : +50 Might +50 Vitality +50 Will +50 Fate +50 Agility Duration: 10m Cost: 124 Power 25m Range Cooldown: 20m (Slotting Escape from Corruption now makes Escape from Darkness what Escape from Corruption used to be. Without the Legendary Trait, Escape from Darkness is unchanged)
Cry of Vengeance: Max Targets: 2 Radius: 5 (Cry of Vengeance now rezzes instantly (no induction bar), but it only has a 5m range and if you aren’t close enough, it will use the skill but not rez the player)

New Skills
Shield-Brother (Level 22) “This toggle marks one of your fellows as your Shield-brother, making them the target for some of your abilities.” Toggle Skill 40m Range Cooldown: 3s
Inspire (Level 22) - “This melee attack raises the Morale of your Shield-brother.” Main-hand Weapon Damage Your attack inspires your Shield-brother, raising their Morale. Cost: 153 Power Melee Skill 3m Range Cooldown: 3s (At level 50, this skill heals your Shield-brother 71 Morale every 3 seconds for 15 seconds)
Blade of Elendil (Level 30) - “This powerful melee attack has an increased chance to critical and inspires your fellows to invoke the light of Elendil. This Skill can only be executed when you are in a Battle-hardened State.” Main-hand Weapon + 21 Damage Your attack applies a buff to your fellowship that has a chance of invoking the Light of Elendil. Cost: 124 Power
Melee Skill 3m Range Cooldown: 4s (Gives a buff to your fellowship that says “You have a chance to deal additional Light Damage to your opponent. Duration: 30s")
To Arms (Level 40) - “You temporarily increase the offensive strength of your Shield-brother.” Your Shield-brother’s attacks deal 25% more damage. Cost: 99 Power Cooldown: 1m
Grave Wound (Level 42) - “You inflict a blow that calls attention to yourself in battle. When dealt to a foe bleeding from your Cutting Attack, your perceived threat is also raised.” Main-hand Weapon + 21 Damage Cost: 99 Power Melee Skill
3m Range Cooldown: 30s
Kick (Level 44) - “You make a melee attack that interrupts any time-delayed actions your opponent is attempting.”
45-50 Common Damage Cost: 99 Power Melee Skill 3m Range Cooldown: 1m
Withdraw (Level 46) - “A well ordered withdrawal can aid the Captain in living through a harsh battle. This skill lowers your threat to your opponents around you." -30.0% Damage Duration: 30s Cost : 124 Power Radius: 10 Cooldown: 5m
Strength of Will (Level 48) - “Your reassuring presence increases the amount of Morale your Shield-brother recovers.”
Your Shield-brother recovers 5% more Morale from healing. Cost: 124 Power Cooldown: 1m 30s
Time of Need (Level 50) - “You sacrifice some of your morale to gain the same effect as defeating an enemy and to put yourself in a Battle-readied State.” Cost: 513 Morale Cooldown: 20

Other Additions
New Female Herald Skins - There are three new herald skins (they are all female): Shield-Maiden, Maid-At-Arms, Swordswoman
New Captain’s Standards (Level 20-50 depending on the type of Standard) -You can now purchase Standards from the Captain Trainer.“This item enables you to plant an immobile banner that gives the same benefits as a herald. However while this item is equipped you cannot summon your herald.” There are three types of Standards (Standards of War, Hope, and Victory) and each of them gives the same bonuses as the corresponding Herald and an additional bonus. +10.0% Melee Damage,+10.0% Maximum Morale
These Standards go in your Ranged slot and when you click on them, the Captain plants a Standard into the ground and you CAN use them in combat. (A pretty cool addition in my opinion and a cool animation)
New Herald Banner Graphics-The banners that the Heralds hold have been changed.
Changed Pet Bar Icons - The icons for the herald skills Coordinated Attacks, Infuriating Tactics, and Lend Will have been changed.
Summoning Changes - The Summoning Horn (called "Finely Carved Rallying Horn") now is NOT a consumable and only requires level 40 to use. The cooldown is 10 seconds and the Summonee must have 5 Travelling Rations to be summoned. The horn costs 8 silver at the Captain Trainer. When summoning, the summonee sees the text “Summoning Hero. . .” on their induction bar. (It used to say “<Replaced by Skill Name>” ot something like that)

To clear up some confusion
In Defence of Middle Earth still gives +50 to all stats at level 50. (There was some confusion about this, but I can verify that it does still give +50 to all stats for 5 minutes with a 1 minute cooldown)

Hunter Changes

Changes to Current Skills
Merciful shot - only usable below 25% health now, costs 6 focus, cooldown is now 10s
Tracking - Tracker dispay is updated with name color coded for level and 3 columns - mob name, challenge (threat level) and distance (close, distant, very distant).
Rain of Arrows now has a 10s cooldown, up from 8s I believe. Cost reduced from 4 focus to 3.
Rain of Thorns - 6 focus cost now, was 4
Enduring Precision Trait - 1 focus per 10 seconds instead of 1 in 5

New Skills:
New Porting Locations - Ost Guruth, Evendim, West Angmar, Michel Delving
Return to Camp : Brings fellowship back to a campfire you set. Not sure what counts as campfire though, it appears it isnt a milestone like the one you use in maps.
L36 - Set Snare at which lays a trap on the ground. Instead of rooting the mob that triggers it, it gives the mob a 30% speed debuff and (at 50) a roughly 45 value Wound.
L42 - Strength of the Earth (Toggle) - restore 16 power over 1 sec. Maximum duration 1 minute and Colldown of 10 secs.
L50 - Heart-Seeker - 106% +1160 damage. 5 second induction. 5 minute cooldown

Other Additions
Traveling Rations - It now takes multiple traveling rations depending on where you go. Bree, Thorins Hall, Shire are all 2 rations. Rivendell and Esteldin are 3. Rations stack to 50 now (30 before)
New Icons - Barbed arrow, quickshot, swift stroke, scouring blow, focus all received new icons. Most look much better. Not sure about that focus icon though
Damage modifiers now show up in the tooltips for skills- if you have 3 traits that add 6% ranged damage, Quickshot will now say 106% of Ranged Weapon damage + X. In strength stance it will say 116%.
The duration on oils was changed to 5 minutes. Tooltips for oils changed to reflect what they do. Fire oils cause a fire dot on critical hit now and light oils will increase the change the target will miss for a short time upon critical hits.
Crossbows & Bows now have similar attack speeds (2.4), but varying max and minimum damage -- crossbows no longer have the higher max damage (before: crossbows were set at 3.0 unless special, while bows were 2.4 unless special -- crossbows had the larger max damage but slower between auto attacks)
Bow Chants Passive. Buffs bows w/ the use of items for different effects. Some I've seen were -5% chance to evade shot, -5% chance to block shot, -10% power use, and there was one w/ less aggro. Not sure durations. Craftable by scholars.
New Bow Animations seems to be faster.

---- misc ------
-Your horse no longer dismounts on falling. New effect reduces speed to 60%
-Items have new Icons/Description colors, Could just be test server
-New Splash page about Refer Program
-New UI Scale Modifiers
-Buyable Vault Space, 4 Upgrades each 16 slots 45s -> 725s -> 2g 200s -> 4g 500s ( There you go more vault space icon_razz.gif)
-Scholars can track Urn/Pots/Pans
- reducing the amount of ingredients for dye recipes (e.g., 1 yarrow root for 1 dye, instead of 3 yarrow roots)
-To all you people who bought the Wrong type of horse or wrong color it has not fallen on deaf ears, Now you get a proof of purchase which you can give to the stablehand right near where you bought said horse and trade it in, And sell the old horse for some money back.
-Once again we may Track Resources on our mount (thanks to imhotep for info)
- new jeweller recipes for earrings and bracelets etc
- Scholars are getting new recipes. Consumables used by hunters are what I've seen so far. Several different Bow Chants, which give bonuses to parry/evade, lower threat, reduce miss chance, etc.
- new area, the gates of Annuminus in the Evendim region.
- Deed requirements have been lowered for completing deeds. Pretty healthy reductions.

--- monster play ----
-Finishing Deeds Gives Titles + DP Bonus (Its not Huge but its Nice)
-Grams is Bigger with more Quests.
-Trolls cost 5k DP and i Don't know about a level Requirement (I have a 50 On the server)
-NO MORE FELL SCRYING POOLS, You now must Log-out and log in as MP ( Its a option and lets you log in to MP without going on as a Freep)

PS: si qlq est capable de faire un topo en français, je suis preneur lol!
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo   Mer 1 Aoû - 11:25

Cool mais se sera encore plus mieux quand il aura la Moriaaaaaaaa
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo   Sam 4 Aoû - 12:00

Il serait temps que les bijoutiers puiisent faire des boucles d'oreille et des bracelets.
Ca me parait quand meme logique.
Ca faisait un moment que je me demandais pourquoi on était limité aux anneaux et colliers.
Voilà au moins une innovation pertinente.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo   

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[Livre X] Prochaine mise à jour, Info, screen, vidéo
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